Sales Team

At Darlington Fabrics, we’ve built a reputation on supplying our clients with solutions that solve. That dependability starts from our first conversation with any of our expert sales representatives. But don’t take our word for it-give your sales rep a call, and find out for yourself.

Carol Gross

Director of Sales – Apparel

Phone: (201) 213-2481

Mindy Earleywine

Director of Sales – Medical/Industrial

Phone: (704) 301-0713

Jack Boyd

Director of Business Development

Phone: (917) 514-2282

Beth Rodgers

Apparel/Medical/Industrial Sales

Phone: (401) 284-6337

Jennifer House

Specialty/Industrial Sales

Phone: (978) 239-6812

Becky McGraw

Print/Surface Design

Phone: (803) 517-7665
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