Machine Operator/Creeler

Summary of primary duties and responsibilities:

Checks direction of rotation arrows on ends of beams, loads, sets, and locks empty beams to warper.  Runs warper at predetermined speed repairs broken ends, checks selvages, reed positions, removes slubs, broken filaments, etc when necessary.  Tapes out leases on full beams and marks lease location on end of beam.  Measures warps with circumference tape, wraps full beams with protective paper and secures beam.

Fills out beam ticket, records production into daily production reports.  Checks tension, fills out beam set ticket and attaches same to last beam of set.  Helps tie over new packages when machine is being tied over.  Follows standard safety and housekeeping practices.

Perform other duties as directed by supervision.


Work schedule:
2nd Shift     –    3:00 PM     to    11:00 PM (Shift premium of $0.75)
3rd Shift     –   11:00 PM     to     7:00 AM (Shift premium of $1.20)


Pay:  Up to $23.93 per hour, plus shift differential



Must be able to read, write and understand written directions. Able to perform simple arithmetic and basic calculations is needed.  Able to work independently, and be self-directed.  May be asked to participate in development of standard operating procedures for machinery.  Must understand how ISO 9001 and 13485 pertain to their specific work areas.

Must be able to provide clear and specific feedback on both yarn and machine performance.  Continuous standing, bending, stretching to reed-in and to repair yarn problems in creel. Load moderately heavy packages (up to 16 lbs.), some to positions overhead.  Moves and climbs portable ladders to reach top positions in creel.  Must tie small transfer knots, requiring finger dexterity.  Assists in moving heavy beams from warper head. Vision must be correctable to 20/20 or better.