Creeler/Machine Operator

Summary of primary duties and responsibilities:

Checks warper creel to assure packages are in place at every active cone position. When­ever replacements are required, must load new packages onto creel. Take care to place empty cones and separators into designated boxes. Relieves rigid and spandex warper operators as required. Assists with tying over new packages on both Liba and Ridged warpers. Assists with reed changes. Able to run warper if needed as a secondary duty. Follow standard safety and housekeeping practices. Performs other duties as directed by supervision. Must be willing to work overtime when required.


Work schedule:
3rd shift – 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM (Shift premium of $1.20)


Up to $21.71 per hour, plus shift differential



Must be able to read, write and do simple arithmetic. Continuous standing, bending, stretching to reed-in and to repair yarn problems in creel. Load moderately heavy packages (up to 16 lbs.), some to positions overhead. Moves and climbs portable ladders to reach top positions in creel. Operates life to aid loading packages. Must tie small transfer knots, requiring finger dexterity. Assists in moving heavy beams from warper head. Vision should be correctable to 20/20 or better.