Utility Threader

Summary of primary duties and responsibilities:

Draws in yarn from each warp following drafts or design pattern. Combs ends to straighten before tying. Using hand held dauber, threads yarn through guides. Records tie-in onto log sheet. Patrols front and back alley of machines, inspects for processing defects or malfunctioning mechanical parts on machine, stops, repairs and restarts machine after correcting defect cause. Verifies proper tension and number of yarns requiring measurement. Records warp tension reading onto report sheet. At warp change, places brown paper on fabric, confirms that correct material has been loaded, wipes off excess oil and dirt, cleans guides with brush and rags, applies small amount of grease to assembly points, cleans beam flanges wiping off oil and dirt, mounts hangers to machine, removes guide bar and places on hangers, cleans springs, hooks, balls and push rod ends, applies grease to these parts prior to re-assembly. Removes paper protecting yarn on beam and revolves new beam set to free sufficient yarns for change over. May be assigned to perform work as a Creeler as required. Must be willing to work overtime when required.


Work schedule: 3rd shift – 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM (Shift premium of $1.20)


Pay: Up to $24.86 per hour, plus shift differential



Must be able to read, write and do simple arithmetic. Requires continuous mental/visual attention and alertness including good hand/eye coordination. Requires stretching to draw ends into guide bars and put ends into needle bars; Requires reaching overhead for broken ends. Requires frequent physical activity to include lifting moderately heavy material. Standing and walking on cement floors for long periods during patrolling, fixing broken ends and threading. Requires short cycle work with continuous activity. Requires good manual dexterity. Vision should be correctable to 20/20.